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Why Choose Us?

All our software is UK developed, hosted and supported

  • We have been in the information management business providing systems and services for over 25 years. We launched our first range of cloud based Purchase Order software solutions 4 years ago, under Documents Online Ltd. Purchase Order is the latest interface in the range and is just one of our product brands.
  • Your business fit Purchasing System can be available for you to test in as little as just 4 weeks from order.
  • Our online purchase order systems are secure, private cloud hosted by us in a UK data centre and are penetration tested.
  • You need no hardware or software, just authenticated access via our modern purchase order software UI to interface with your customised system. However, if you need the system inside your own network DMZ, we can do that as well.
  • We have no sales people, so you’ll be talking to system specialists from the start. We carry out all communication via Go To Meeting sessions (which we record and share with you) to cut out any misunderstanding, travel issues, and to be greener.
  • We go through a high level Specification process for all Purchase systems, testing them thoroughly before handing over for you to do your own tests and sign off.
  • We produce training material for users of all levels in videos based on your approved test purchase order system and they are made available to users at all times via the system.
  • All our Purchase Order systems have data export facilities as tailored CSV files for onward import to I.T. systems e.g. in the full Purchase to Pay version, supplier invoices that have been approved for payment.
  • We pride ourselves on supporting you both during the design process and post go live. All client issues are raised via our on line support portal. Our speed of response is excellent.
  • We have other cloud based purchase solutions for smaller organisations. To see more information on these products click here.
  • We work with organisations of all sizes. Here are just a few of our clients who have had Procurement Software solutions from us:


We haven’t crammed this web site with content, because we want to show you how the system works and discuss your specific requirements, on a one to one basis. After all, seeing is believing!

We use Go To Meeting for connecting with you, so you can see the demo on our PC screen remotely and we have a conference call at the same time. It’s free, and means neither you nor we have to leave our office.

So why not call us today on 0800 840 3336 to fix a session in your diary Or fill out the form.

Either way you are just a few steps away from the launch of your own customised system