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Software Overview

The following are just some of standard features of our generic Purchase Order and Supplier Invoice System.
Additional customisation to suit client requirements is available, which will add to the standard set up cost

Standard Features
Customised approval workflowsFor PO’s, supplier invoices, and credit notes based on system metadata
Customised report generatorAllows approved users to generate their own reports
Assign cost centres / nominal
codes / budgets on a line level
on PO’s
For granular purchase order
Full Budget Control moduleAssign at Company, Department or Project level
Multi Currency support via HM Treasury live feed for auto updates to currency changesSystem background controls work in Pounds Sterling
Full password control moduleGDPR compliant
Customised Purchase Order TemplateWith client company logos
Duplicate PO facilitySpeeds up regular purchases
Out of OfficeDiverts tasks to another user
Goods receipting Ability to receipt goods on a PO
line level
Close PO and revoke POManual closing of PO’s, with revoke feature to send suppliers an auto email
Upload supporting documents and link to PO’sAll documents will be PO centric. Custom document names as standard
Full multi level export facilities supportedPDF, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint RTF, Tiff, XPS, Word, Web Archive,XPS
Multi Level Search options on PO’s, Supplier Invoices, Credit Notes & admin levelsAll, Open, Issued, Awaiting approval, Rejected, Cancelled
Supplier Invoice – auto approval at Finance levelWith custom margins + or – values and percentages
Import templatesImport suppliers list from accounts system
Price List importImport supplier price lists to select from (overrides previous)
Set prices for individual suppliersSet descriptions, prices and minimum order quantities for goods or services
User default settingsUsers can elect fields to be set to preference. User can also choose
default home screen and UI
Auto email alerts as to TasksUsers get auto Alerts as to Tasks to action. System sends daily update if tasks are outstanding
Customised opening Dashboard for individual usersIncludes any o/s tasks and graphical view of pending PO’s, Credit notes & budgets
User Admin ControlAllows ability to assign users to departments and create roles
Support Portal for key usersAccess to your account information and ability to raise support tickets & other requests
Annual user Support bank Hours per system allocated for use on a range of requirements and renewed annually
Invoice Line to PO Line matchingInvoice lines are matched against PO lines, allowing invoices to be matched against several PO’s on the system.
Full currency support with up to 4 decimal places available (incl. currencies with no decimal places)Currency set at individual supplier level. Budget totals rounded to 2 decimal paces
Client user Admin ControlSet up new users against specific system role requirements. Assign users to specific departments (linked to Companies & Branches)
History reportsFull user record level history logging and reports
Mobile interface supportResponsive design to enable use on mobiles & tablets
Supplier RatingsOption to record supplier performance for each purchase occasion


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