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All purchase order software and system pricing consists of the following elements:

Set Up Charge

Set Up Charge

A one off price that reflects all standard functionality and standard customisation and then any additional development required and specified by client.
Training Videos

Training Videos

A one off price for supplying training videos based on a client approved test system.
Annual Software Support

Annual Software Support

A recurring cost to maintain client’s specific system.
Monthly User Licences

Monthly User Licences

Licences are concurrency based, so as many users can be registered as required; access is limited to the total number of user licences purchased i.e the number who can access the system at any one instant.

All systems work on a concurrent licence model. Any number of users can be registered for access to the system, but the number who can access / use the system at the same time (instantaneous use of the database) will be limited by the number of concurrent users purchased i.e. users above this will be denied access until a licence becomes free.
Users who are logged in but have not used the system for 30 minutes or more will be automatically logged out and any data created during that session will be lost.
Additional licences can be purchased at any time (min 1 ); server reports as to access at all times, will be shared with clients.
In the first 3 months an ‘open licence’ policy will be adopted as a ‘bedding’ in time; after the 3 months if the server reports show use above the licences purchased (averaged across the first 3 months) then clients will be required to purchase the relevant number of additional licences which will be automatically added to the monthly charge from month 4 onwards.

Pricing Example (excl. vat)

A business fit Purchase Order system (without the Supplier Invoice module) with standard customisation (incl. logo integration, custom built searches, reports, workflows) and 3 concurrent licences

Standard Set Up: £ 2,000
Training Videos: £ 350
Annual support: £ 500 (includes 5 hours of usable support time)
Monthly Concurrent Price for 3 users: £ 120 (3 concurrent users)

Concurrent Price Bands:

Number of users (concurrent):Price per concurrent user per month:
3-9 (min level is 3 to start with)£ 40
10-19£ 35
20- 59£ 30
60 +£ 25


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